Uterine Fibroid Removal


A myomectomy is a very common surgery for women who have pain related to uterine fibroids (otherwise known as leiomyomas). These are very common growths on the uterus that can occur at any age. However, they occur most commonly during normal childbearing years.

A myomectomy is a preferable surgical procedure for women who would like to preserve the uterus in order to have more children. Also, this surgery helps potentially increase fertility if fibroids are thought to be the cause. Sometimes there are personal reasons for wanting to keep the uterus, as well.

Ultimately, the myomectomy will target the fibroids and reconstruct the uterus. It reduces symptoms such as pain, heavy menstrual bleeding and pressure without having to undergo a hysterectomy.

How Dr. Ghozland perform a Myomectomy Procedure

This is a robotic and laparoscopic surgery. The robotic technique allows for fantastic control with only tiny incisions. Traditionally, patients would expect to stay two to three days in the hospital. Now women can return home the same day as their procedure.

The procedure relieves:

  • heavy bleeding,
  • pelvic pain,
  • infertility,
  • miscarriage
  • and pre-term labor risks.

Myomectomy Risks

Although the complication risk is low with myomectomy surgery, any surgery has the potential for bleeding, infection and injury to adjacent organs.

Dr. Ghozland would be happy to meet with you to discuss how this common problem and surgery can improve your quality of life by minimizing annoying pain and pressure in the pelvic area. Call his Santa Monica office at (310) 393-9359 for a consultation.

Myomectomy Testimonials

  • Dr.Ghozland was amazing, did I say the BOMB! He promised me that he was the best at what he does and damn it, he is! LOL. He told me he would take care of me and would grab the little aliens out of me and that's what he did. I feel alive again! Yesssss! Dr.Ghozland was great and gentle not to mention CUTE!!!
    Chanda Watts

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