Bartholin’s Cysts

Minimally-Invasive CO2 Laser Treatment

Bartholin’s gland cysts are the most common type of cyst to occur in women of reproductive age. About two out of 10 women are likely to develop a Bartholin’s gland cyst or cysts at some time in their life. Since they’re often asymptomatic, many women don’t realize that they have Bartholin’s cysts. But if they start to grow or become infected, then pain at the site is quite common. Symptoms may include:

  • Pain during sex and walking
  • One side the labia majora hanging low
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Fever

If left untreated, a cyst can lead to serious complications. Besides pain, the cyst can become infected and eventually burst. When an abscess ruptures inside the body it can potentially lead to blood poisoning.

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    How can our CO2 lasers help treat your Bartholin’s cyst?

    The main objective of CO2 laser treatment is to remove the cyst or cysts without affecting the Bartholin’s glands. The CO2 lasers accomplish that by vaporizing and removing the Bartholin’s cyst quickly but leaving the glands intact. Benefits include:

    • Outpatient procedure
    • Completed in about 7 minutes
    • Low rates of recurrence
    • Requires little intra- or post-operative recovery


    What should you expect during and after treatment?

    This treatment begins by applying a topical antisepsis and then a local anesthesia. Using the CO2 laser incisions are made which helps to drain the abscess. The interior is then cleaned with a sterile saline solution. During the procedure the laser vaporizes and destroys the capsule tissue.

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