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When it comes to the appearance of a woman’s clitoris, only minor and minimally invasive alterations are needed to make a world of difference. Sometimes the clitoris can appear enlarged due to excess or redundant tissue of the clitoral hood.

Dr. David Ghozland’s clitoral hood reduction procedure reshapes the tissue in order to minimize the projection and length of an enlarged clitoral hood. An excessive clitoral hood can make a woman feel more self-conscious, and it can sometimes be visible through tight clothing.

What Is Involved With a Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery?

A clitoral hood reduction surgery involves making two bilateral incisions on either side of the hood. At this point, the prepuce tissues covering the clitoris are retracted and minimized. A CO2 laser is used in the process. The laser minimizes thermal effect and bleeding risk. Dissolvable sutures are used to tie up the incisions, and they dissolve in four to six weeks.

The 30-minute procedure is often done in conjunction with a labiaplasty, which reduces the size and length of a woman’s labia minora, or vaginal lips. Because labiaplasty involves alterations up to the clitoral hood, often women decide to add a clitoral hood reduction with labiaplasty in order to avoid a nose-beak appearance in the vaginal area.

Patients receive light local sedation for the procedure that takes place in Dr. Ghozland’s Santa Monica office.

Will This Reduce Clitoral Sensation?

Absolutely not. In fact, clitoral hood reduction actually increases stimulation due to reducing the barrier of tissue that can decrease sensation. The clitoris and the nerves surrounding it are not touched during the procedure.

What is Recovery Like After the Procedure?

With very little pain or discomfort, patients will be able to return to work within a few days. Also, it is recommended that women do not engage in sexual intercourse for six weeks. Oral pain medication may be needed for the first few days. A numbing cream will be provided to help reduce any discomfort from rubbing while women resume day-to-day activities.

Women should keep the area clean with a spray bottle of water. It is not recommended that they use soap. Baby wipes can be used after a few days.

Who is a Good Candidate for Clitoral Hood Reduction?

Are you interested in a clitoral hood reduction? You may be the perfect candidate for the procedure. Having excess tissue around the clitoris can cause discomfort and even be visible in the form of a bulge under clothing. It can also interfere with a woman’s sexual performance and pleasure.

A clitoral hood reduction is performed for both medical and aesthetic reasons, whether you are wanting a correction of a past injury or trauma, improve stimulation, or improve the look of the genital area. 

Clitoral hood reduction surgery is sought after for many reasons, including:

  • The clitoral hood is visible through clothing.
  • It is interfering with sexual pleasure
  • The hood is preventing you from maintaining genital hygiene
  • It is causing discomfort

Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery Risks

As with any procedure, there are risks involved. Common risks include scarring, asymmetries, and under-reduction. More rare occurrences include bleeding, infection, and nerve injury. To reduce all risks associated with the procedure, Dr. Ghozland will discuss your full history with you and conduct a complete examination of the area. He will also go over the details of the procedures, what you hope to achieve, and what you should expect from the procedure.

I’m Interested in a Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery Consultation in Orange County — Now What?

Dr. Ghozland’s patients will receive a full exam to determine if clitoral hood reduction is the right choice for them. The minimally invasive procedure remedies what women sometimes find as a disfiguring, enlarged clitoris. It also can improve comfort levels while exercising and wearing tight clothing.

Call Dr. Ghozland’s office today at (310) 393-9359 to set up an appointment for your Clitoral Hood Reduction consultation. Let Dr. Ghozland’s office of doctors help you achieve the confidence in your appearance that you deserve with minimally invasive procedures.


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  • I was well informed on how the procedure would go. They made me feel very comfortable and explained everything. The procedure was very quick and painless. The results are amazing, love his work and the friendly staff. They worked around my work schedule and were very helpful.

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