The Ultimate Vaginoplasty

Total Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Laxity: What Is It?

Whether we’ve given birth or have just experienced the body changes that can occur with time, many of us have vaginal laxity, which is when the vagina and muscles surrounding it are stretched or loose. This can result in decreased sensation and sexual satisfaction during intercourse, related difficulty in climaxing, and a general feeling of “looseness.”

If you’ve noticed and have concerns, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Ghozland has developed his own unique and cutting edge new technique that addresses your needs. This technique, called the ultimate vaginoplasty, is a first of its kind laser surgical treatment that combines both the surgical vaginoplasty approach with a new laser component. This two-pronged approach provides the benefits of both the non-surgical laser and traditional surgery for vaginal tightening, ensuring that as his patient, you are receiving the most advanced treatment that delivers the best outcomes. Ultimate vaginoplasty effectively combats these body issues by tightening the vagina and surrounding muscles and soft tissue, and extending beyond the traditional surgical approach’s focus on just the pelvic floor to tighten the top and walls of the vagina via laser as well. This results in a vaginal tightness that increases friction during intercourse and can significantly improve sexual satisfaction. The only question once you’ve decided to undergo the ultimate vaginoplasty is what does it entail and where should you go to have your vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

The Traditional Approach to Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

The traditional vaginoplasty strictly repairs the posterior or bottom floor of the vagina by excising loose or stretched tissue. While this re-enforces the vaginal floor for better pelvic support and decreases vaginal diameter, it does not target the side or upper walls of the vagina for additional support.

The New Approach: The Ultimate Vaginoplasty

Dr. Ghozland’s The Ultimate Vaginoplasty not only yields the benefits of a traditional vaginoplasty, it also tightens muscle and tissue of the entire vagina, including the sides and top in addition to the bottom floor. This offers the patient higher levels of sexual satisfaction, increased friction during intercourse, and overall better patient satisfaction.

Additional Benefits

The Ultimate Vaginoplasty technique also improves complete pelvic support and bladder support. Many patients report resolution of urinary stress incontinence. In addition, this new technique can also aid the vaginal tissue in rejuvenating itself, which leads to significant improvement in vaginal dryness and a decrease in chronic vaginal infections due to changes in vaginal pH balance.

How Is It Performed?

Dr. Ghozland’s ultimate vaginoplasty 3-step approach utilizes a combination of fractional CO2 laser and treats the entire canal of the vagina. The three steps are as follows:

Step 1: The first laser treatment is performed, which is quick and painless, and is followed by a traditional vaginoplasty.

Step 2: Six weeks after Step 1 is completed, the laser treatment is repeated. The laser treatment is quick and painless and requires no further downtime and no pain medication.

Step 3 – Six weeks after Step 2 is completed, the laser treatment is repeated a third time to maximize the effects of the laser on the vagina. Again, this step is quick, painless, and there is no associated downtime or need for pain medication following it.

Is Vaginal Rejuvenation with the Ultimate Vaginoplasty Right for Me?

Whether you’ve been advised of this option by a gynecologist, heard about it from friends, read about it, or are doing some independent research, if you wish to learn more or schedule a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, it is critical that you consult with a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Ghozland.  He will walk you through the laser surgical vaginal treatment that he has developed and practices. Call our office at 310-393-9359 to obtain a professional diagnosis and to review questions you have about The Ultimate Vaginoplasty.

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