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Los Angeles Intimate LighteningDo you prefer to leave the lights off? For some women, this has become a normal request in the bedroom due to self-consciousness about cellulite, wrinkles, droopy breasts and not so-taut tummies. Yet there’s one area of insecurity that many women don’t mention: embarrassing dark or discolored areas down there. While discoloration in these intimate areas is natural many men and women find it not-so-desirable.

What is Intimate Lightening?

This professional brightening procedure is a safe and easy way to lighten your skin and bring that sexy back into your bedroom. Our advanced, botanical and all-natural formula does not contain any harsh chemicals. Our non-irritating, intimate bleaching treatment will help brighten and lighten intimate areas including anal, vaginal and genitals. In addition, if you need the face, knees, armpits or elbows lightened or have bothersome burn marks or scars, this treatment works for that too.

Intimate areas are often covered by layers of clothes throughout the year and are less likely to be exposed to environmental elements. In addition, they often come in close contact with other areas of the body, and that trapped heat can cause them to darken over time. Therefore, a larger concentration of melanin forms, which is the primary ingredient of human skin tone. Hormones, aging and weight gain are also other contributing factors to darkening of the genital areas.

The result? Darker skin in these private areas. Although it is completely natural, some men and women don’t like the appearance because it disrupts the flow of their skin tone. Even if these areas are moisturized well, the skin tone will still be darker.

What is the Intimate Lightening Treatment?

Intimate lightening is a bleaching process. By bleaching the hyperpigmented, or darker areas of skin, such as the genital and anal areas, the skin will appear more even and cohesive with the rest of the body. Just a few whitening treatments can help remove this hyperpigmentation from the penile, vaginal and anal areas.

How Does It Work?

During the intimate lightening procedure, a professional will apply compounds of botanicals, fruit extracts and other acids to these sensitive areas. This non-abrasive lightening treatment helps change the skin tone, naturally.

What Areas Can Be Lightened?

These treatments can lighten any intimate areas including vaginal, anal, penile and underarms. In addition, they can also be used to lighten dark spots, scars or burn marks anywhere on the body.

Are the Ingredients and Procedure Safe?

The treatment process and ingredients used are completely safe. In the past, harsh and sometimes toxic ingredients were often used because that was all that was available and effective. Now, the ingredients are naturally derived botanical compounds, often derived from something as simple and natural as fruit.

Is Intimate Lightening for Me?

Men and women who are unhappy with the appearance of their skin, whether it’s because of scars, burn marks, or discoloration in intimate areas are perfect candidates for intimate lightening. This intimate skin brightening system is great for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. Most patients will see results after the first visit, with their skin appearing one to two shades lighter. That progress will continue with consecutive visits. This treatment also helps in the prevention and relief of blemishes, ingrown hairs and the overall look and feel of your skin.

Is It Just for Women?

The answer is “no”. Any person, male or female, who is unhappy with the look of his or her skin is a candidate for an intimate lightening procedure.

What You Should Know Before a Treatment

Every treatment requires a thorough cleaning first. This cleaning will involve removing biological materials and any dead skin cells that may be contributing to the darker pigmentation. It’s also essential that you thoroughly moisturize the area prior to treatment. Every application requires a waiting period in order for the bleaching compounds to work. Three to six treatments are recommended for ideal results and rejuvenation of intimate skin areas.

What Can I Expect from Intimate Skin Lightening?

  • Most individuals require three to six treatments for the best outcome.
  • Most patients will immediately notice the results of skin one to two shades lighter after the first treatment. That progress will improve with additional treatments.
  • One treatment is usually not enough. For best results, remain on a consistent regimen and wear sunscreen on non-intimate areas that may be exposed to the sun.
  • Results will vary over time depending on the melanin and your individual skin tone since everyone lightens at different speeds.

Orange County Intimate Lightening

If you want to improve the appearance of your intimate areas, contact our office at (310)393-9359 or connect with us online. Dr. Ghozland can help you safely and effectively treat areas that have darkened over time.

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