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One of the most requested cosmetic procedures, vaginoplasty, also known as vaginal rejuvenation, is a reconstructive surgery that tightens the vaginal canal.  Dr. David Ghozland can perform this procedure in his Orange County office for anyone looking to regain sexual satisfaction and restore a youthful appearance in the vagina and perineum.

Our gallery, located under the “Cosmetic Procedures” tab, features before and after vaginoplasty photos. Please view to see the results our patients received under the care of Dr. Ghozland.

What Is the Vaginoplasty Procedure?

Vaginoplasty corrects vaginal relaxation symptom, which can occur due to aging, multiple vaginal births, or dramatic weight loss. With vaginal relaxation symptom, the muscles in the vaginal wall lose their tone, control and strength, resulting in an increase in the inner diameter of the vagina. This can cause diminished sexual pleasure during intercourse, in addition to other gynecological problems, including stress urinary incontinence.

How Is the Vaginoplasty Procedure Performed?

Vaginoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure. During the procedure, the relaxed muscles of the vagina and perineum are tightened and reinforced, allowing for a stronger pelvic floor and a tighter and narrower vaginal diameter. Dr. Ghozland utilizes a laser technique, for precision and reduced bleeding risk.

The procedure usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. Combined with labiaplasty, it will take 2.5 hours. After a short post-operative recovery, the patient is able to go home.

Can Vaginoplasty Be Combined With Other Gynecological Procedures or Cosmetic Surgeries?

Vaginoplasty is easily paired with labiaplasty or other gynecological procedures, such as hysterectomy, urinary stress incontinence and endometrial ablation procedures. They also can be performed in conjunction with plastic surgeries like tummy tucks and breast augmentation.

Dr. Ghozland also performs the following vaginal rejuvenation procedures:

  • Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening— Vaginal tightening with Femilift, a new breakthrough procedure, tightens the vagina with the use of a controlled laser beam during a painless, 15-minute procedure.
  • The Ultimate Vaginoplasty— The most advanced technique in vaginal tightening and pelvic support. This procedure uses a combination of traditional surgical vaginal tightening combined with non-invasive laser treatment of the vagina to the most complete and comprehensive tightening available today.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Vaginoplasty Surgery?

The best candidates for this procedure are in good physical condition with realistic expectations regarding the procedure and its benefits. Women who no longer wish to get pregnant and are between the ages of 30 and 50 commonly request vaginoplasty. However, the procedure is safe for women of all ages.

What Are Vaginoplasty Surgery Risks?

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks associated with vaginoplasty. These include bleeding, infection and scarring. Bleeding is controlled during surgery. New procedures utilizing lasers are nearly bloodless. Antibiotics are routinely prescribed to minimize infection risks. Although scarring is possible, it is extremely rare.

What Kind of Recovery Is Involved With Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Spotting, pain, and swelling are commonly seen within the first few days following vaginoplasty surgery. Pain medication is prescribed to keep discomfort to a minimum, and ice packs can be used to reduce swelling. By the second or third day post-surgery, normal daily activities can be resumed. Most patients return to work within two weeks. Strenuous or sexual activity can be resumed after six to eight weeks.

What If Patients Live Outside the Orange County Area?

Dr. Ghozland offers flexible Saturday appointments for those with strict work schedules, who live outside the Orange County area or who don’t want to sit in traffic on their way home. The office works with nearby hotels to offer preferred rates for vaginoplasty patients. Dr. Ghozland’s office can help with accommodations and planning out your trip.

Free consultations are offered to prospective patients. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call Dr. Ghozland’s office at (310) 393-9359.

Before and After Photos

Vaginoplasty Testimonials

  • From the first initial consultation the whole office makes you feel very comfortable. Dr.Ghozland was wonderful and very informative. The procedure was just as the doctor said it would be, a little painful but quick. Everything is prepared and given to you for a quick recovery. The weeks pass by quckly and you really are back to life as normal . I love Dr.Ghozland and his whole staff.
  • This procedure made a significant difference! After 3 natural births I was desperate to look as feel how I did before having children. Dr.Ghozland is amazing! He is caring and compassionate with patient satisfaction as his primary goal. The consultation was informative and realistic- tailored to my needs. The procedure itself was exactly as explained to me and hsi staff is friendly, knowledgeable and catered to my every need.
  • My experience with Dr.Ghozland was nothing short of spectacular. He is professional, caring and genuinely cares about his patient. He expalined the procedure to me in detail. I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing as the last doctor I saw acted like a used car salesman, but he put me right at ease. I would absolutely recommend Dr.Ghozland and his staff to anyone who is seeking a vaginal rejuvenation.

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