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Researchers have long searched for the mystical “fountain of youth,” and it turns out the secret lies within our own bodies. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) involves the application of extracted platelets from an individual’s own blood to specific areas of the body needing healing or rejuvenation. The PRP releases growth factors that stimulate cell regeneration and help repair damaged tissue. While Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is in headlines lately, it has been used for years as a treatment for wounds, sports injuries and even during dental procedures. But, thanks to recent breakthroughs, PRP is now being used to help patients of all ages look and feel younger. Dr. David Ghozland, a pioneer in minimally invasive surgery and rejuvenation techniques, is one of the few physicians specially trained to use PRP for a variety of enhancement procedures.

How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Work?

A PRP procedure begins with a simple blood draw. Your blood is then filtered through a machine that separates the plasma and platelets. The PRP is then collected for use and either injected or applied topically, depending on the procedure and the area being treated. The growth factors in the PRP increase the generation of reparative cells and immediately go to work rejuvenating, regenerating and healing old, damaged tissue. And, because PRP comes from your own body, there is no risk of adverse or allergic reaction. Dr. Ghozland uses PRP to treat:

Your Results are Only as Good as Your Physician

Dr. David Ghozland is a respected, compassionate and dedicated GYN in Santa Monica who specializes in PRP treatment and multiple minimally invasive surgeries. He is associated with three prestigious California hospitals: Cedars Sinai Hospital, St. Johns Medical Center and UCLA Hospital. He utilizes the latest surgical techniques, which involve minimal pain, downtime, and mild sedation.

  • Our doctors use the latest advances/ technology in medicine
  • All procedures are performed by our doctors – no trainees or residents
  • Patients fly to us from all over the US for cosmetic gynecology procedures
  • Over 1000 successful procedures performed
  • Our entire team is dedicated to the success of your procedure, from consultation to recovery

Is PRP Right for You?

Dr. Ghozland is a trusted and experienced physician who has successfully used Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy to help patients overcome sexual dysfunction, gain relief from urinary incontinence, achieve enhanced sexual satisfaction, and look and feel more youthful and vibrant. He can help you, too. Learn more today.

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