Clitoral Hood Reduction

Minimally Invasive Clitoropexy

An excessive clitoral hood can make a women feel more self-conscious, and it can sometimes be visible through tight clothing. Sometimes the clitoris can appear enlarged due to excess or redundant tissue of the clitoral hood. When it comes to the appearance of a woman’s clitoris, only minor and minimally invasive alterations are needed to make a world of difference.

Dr. David Ghozland’s clitoral hood reduction reshapes the tissue in order to minimize the projection and length of an enlarged clitoral hood. The minimally invasive procedure remedies what women sometimes find as a disfiguring, enlarged clitoris. It also can improve comfort levels while exercising and wearing tight clothing.

How is Dr. Ghozland’s clitoral hood reduction performed?

A clitoral hood reduction involves making two bilateral incisions on either side of the hood. At this point, the prepuce tissues covering the clitoris are retracted and minimized. A CO2 laser is used in the process. Patients receive light local sedation for the procedure. Dissolvable sutures are used to tie up the incisions, and they dissolve in four to six weeks. Benefits include:

  • CO2 laser minimizes thermal effect and bleeding risk
  • Very little pain or discomfort
  • 30-minute, in-office procedure
  • Return to work within a few days

The procedure is often done in conjunction with a labiaplasty, which reduces the size and length of a woman’s labia minora, or vaginal lips. Because labiaplasty involves alterations up to the clitoral hood, often women decide to add a clitoral hood reduction in order to avoid a nose-beak appearance in the vaginal area.

Will this reduce clitoral sensation?

Absolutely not. In fact, clitoral hood reduction actually increases stimulation due to reducing the barrier of tissue that can decrease sensation. The clitoris and the nerves surrounding it are not touched during the procedure.

Your clitoral hood reduction results are only as good as your surgeon

Dr. David Ghozland is a respected, compassionate and dedicated GYN in Santa Monica who specializes in vaginal cosmetic and minimally invasive surgeries. He is associated with three prestigious California hospitals: Cedars Sinai Hospital, St. Johns Medical Center and UCLA Hospital. He utilizes the latest surgical techniques, which involve minimal downtime and mild sedation.

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