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Are you a good candidate?

A woman may have many reasons for wanting a labiaplasty procedure. Some have experienced labial stretching or tearing during childbirth. Others may suffer from labia minora hypertrophy (enlargement of the labia), a condition that can cause irritation and discomfort during physical activities, and even embarrassment during sexual intimacy. The good news is, labiaplasty is a simple procedure that can improve the appearance of a woman’s vaginal region and give the labia a more proportionate and balanced look. You deserve to feel confident about every inch of your body – find out if labiaplasty is right for you.

How is Dr. Ghozland’s labiaplasty performed?

Dr. David Ghozland is an expert when it comes to labiaplasty, with more than a decade of experience helping women just like you. He uses the Ellman Surgitron laser to perform all labiaplasty surgery, as it is by far the most advanced method to achieve natural and cosmetically appealing results. Benefits include:

  • More precise incision than a standard laser or scalpel
  • Faster healing with little-to-no scarring,
  • Reduced post-procedure pain, swelling and infection

Woman jogging outside during fall Labiaplasty is performed in-office using local anesthetic. Dr. Ghozland’s patients typically watch a movie, read a magazine or even chat with him during their labiaplasty procedure – it’s easy and pain free!

Your labiaplasty results are only as good as your surgeon

Dr. David Ghozland is a respected, compassionate and dedicated GYN in Santa Monica who specializes in vaginal cosmetic and minimally invasive surgeries. He is associated with three prestigious California hospitals: Cedars Sinai Hospital, St. Johns Medical Center and UCLA Hospital. He utilizes the latest surgical techniques, which involve minimal downtime and mild sedation.

  • Our doctors use the latest advances/ technology in medicine
  • All procedures are performed by our doctors – no trainees or residents
  • Patients fly to us from all over the US for cosmetic gynecology procedures
  • Over 1000 successful procedures performed
  • Our entire team is dedicated to the success of your procedure, from consultation to recovery

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